Dillon Anthony

This EP is a collaborative effort that brought forth to life Four Stories entwined, each of which with a meaning twofold. 

With a cast of over 30 artists (musicians, engineers, painters, photographers) involved, the Four Stories EP was the inaugural musical performance at Theatre New Brunswick's studio theatre to a sold out audience.     

From the wilderness of Eastern Canada, Volcanic fields of Iceland, and chatter of Eastern European markets, the influences are as varied as the locations and people that inspired them.

Kill Chicago

Album of the Year - Music New Brunswick 2016

"On their debut release The Grey, Fredericton’s Kill Chicago successfully mine the territory laid down by rock legends such as Led Zeppelin, while also showing influence of Clash-inspired reggae, the blues and more. The end result is an album that is both muscular but with a generous share of melodic moments that inevitably steer the record towards greatness, with a tightness and coherence that betrays their relative short tenure as a group." - Musicnerd.ca


The Names and Faces

West of Here is an Indie Folk-Rock album produced/recorded by ECMA nominated engineer Brad Perry. 

Years in the making, this album is centred on Wes Simpson's songwriting - melodically driven guitar, honest lyrics, lush arrangements, and classic folk/pop sensibilities.

Their heart-on-their-sleeve approach is as refreshing as it is familiar.

THE Hypochondriacs

The Hypochondriacs are a Rockabilly band based out of Fredericton NB. They got their start in 2013 and have continued to play parts of Canada. Their inspirations come anywhere from Hank Williams Sr. To The Stray Cats.

While the core of the band has been consistent, they often have friends join them for festivals and recordings.